Star Wars Content Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms This Month In Biggest Update This Year

Disney Magic Kingdoms Star Wars Update Mobile Game

We covered the addition of Constance Hathaway to Disney Magic Kingdoms and it became one of our most popular articles ever. So we thought we'd expand our content on this Disney Parks themed mobile game.

Today it was announced that Star Wars content is coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms mobile games in the next update. It had been rumored and hinted at for about a week but we now have confirmation that some Star Wars-themed content is coming to the game.

A new themed land, the first one added to the map since the game premiered is coming to the game, although we don't know where it will be.

There is also going to be a variety of Star Wars-themed attractions and characters coming to the game. We don't know who they will be or if they will be limited to a single trilogy of the Star Wars series. I do think we can expect R2-D2 and C-3PO in the game as they are in the only image released regarding this update.

Hopefully, this means we are getting some version of Galaxy's Edge in the game. We will know more at 1PM on Friday, December 13th when more announcements are scheduled to be made regarding this addition.