FIRST LOOK: Space Elevator Coming to Space 220 Epcot Resturant

Space Elevator Concept Art Space 220 Epcot Restaurant

In the middle of a ton of other announcements about additions to the Disney Parks, we got a first look at the Space Elevator coming to Space 220, the all-new immersive restaurant coming to Epcot early next year.

This restaurant, attached to Mission: Space, will give you the feeling of dining 220 miles above Earth's surface.

As for the experience of the Space Elevator, it looks like this will be a combination of the experience of the old Flight to the Moon attraction at the Magic Kingdom with a Living Seas Hydrolator type experience. 

It is believed you will have to ride one of these in order to get in or out of the all-new restaurant in Epcot.

Will you be eating at Space 220 in Epcot when it opens in winter 2020? Let us know in the comments below!