Ranking the Songs of Frozen 2

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Everyone went into Frozen II with one thought in mind, "will there be another Let It Go?" Well Disney is certainly trying to promote Into the Unknown as the sequel's version of the breakout song, but is it even the best song in the move?

We're going to rank all the songs in the sequel, not including reprises from worst to best. Now I want to preface this list by saying there is no bad song in this movie, and this is just an opinion, if you disagree, great, let us know in the comments.

All Is Found

While this song provides a framing for the rest of the story, it does not stand out. It serves a similar purpose to a prophecy that just happens to be told through song. It is performed beautifully, but is rather vanilla compared to the rest of the score.

When I'm Older

While this does provide some much needed comic relief from the dark sequel, it just pales in comparison to Olaf's original In Summer as well as the other songs in this sequel. It is hilarious but far from the best song in the sequel.

The Next Right Thing

This song on its own might not be the strongest, but in the context of the film, it packs a huge emotional punch. We're not going to venture into spoiler territory here, but its a great but child-friendly portrayal of grieving someone and finding a way to still move on.

Some Things Never Change

This song has a real Broadway musical opening number vide and that's a good thing. It reintroduces us to all the main characters and what has changed since the last film without becoming too bogged down in the plot. We get introduced to the main themes of the film in a nice upbeat song that showcases all of the great voices in the cast. It's the closest the sequel has to For the First Time in Forever.

Lost In the Woods

Frozen finally puts Johnathan Groff's voice to good use. Don't get me wrong I love Reindeer's Are Better Than People, but it is nothing compared to this song. Who knew the world needed a reindeer infused 80s inspired love ballad. It only loses a few points for really sticking out in the film as the only non-musical theater style song.

Into The Unknown

That's right the song that Disney is advertising as the next Let It Go is not even the best song in the film. Its still really amazing and will surely go down as one of the best Disney songs, but it does not match that magic that Let It Go had. It soars in its vocals and it launches us into the rest of the movie but isn't the standout song. But that voice will get stuck in your head.

Show Yourself

Why Disney is not advertising this as the next Let It Go I have no idea. It has the same basic theme of Elsa's self-discovery and is a great vessel for the powerhouse that is Idina Menzel. It builds, it is the natural evolution of Let It Go, being the next stage of Elsa's growing power and self-confidence, on top of an ending which features a medley of some of the more recognizable musical melodies from the rest of the film. Show Yourself is the justifiable climax to the two film story that was Frozen. This song deserves to be the signature Frozen 2 song.

What is your favorite song in Frozen 2? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Nice list! I still think that some things never change should have been higher in the ranking, but overall pretty good. I liked how you described each song nicely!


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