2019 Times Square Broadway Snow Globes

Over the past week, one of our TPE reporters had the chance to check out the new Broadway-themed Times Square Christmas display.

This year Times Square got four brand new snow globes themed after different musicals currently playing on Broadway.

You Will Be Found Snow Globe Times Square Dear Evan Hansen New York City

Let's start with the Dear Evan Hansen Themed Snow Globe, which features lyrics from the song For Forever, as well as a tree in the center.

Dear Evan Hansen Logo Snow Globe Times Square New York City

The base of the globe features the logo of the show and the pattern of Evan Hansen's signature blue shirt.

All I See Is Sky Dear Evan Hansen Snow Globe Times Square New York City

The back features more glow up lyrics from For Forever.

The Temptations Broadway Snow Globe Times Square New York City

Next, let's look at The Temptations themed snow globe. It features a rotating element featuring cutouts of some of the main characters from the show. They rotate around a central tree that lights up the entire display.

Wicked Times Square Broadway Snow Globe New York City

Next is the Wicked display which features the two main characters, Glinda and Elphaba in their iconic outfits from the show. It isn't too elaborate but it perfectly suits the show.

The Lion King Rafiki Snow Globe Times Square New York City Broadway

Finally, we look at The Lion King-themed snow globe. It features a recreation of Rafiki and the iconic opening Circle of life scene with the sun and pride rock.

These are welcome additions to the Times Square area's annual Christmas traditions.

What do you think about these snow globes? Let us know in the comments below!