Guide to Leaving Epcot After New Year's Eve

Epcot Night Show Disney World

Epcot is the most popular place to spend New Year's Eve and it is absolute insanity trying to leave the park after the fireworks.

We are going to run through all of the options on how to leave the park but first, we are going to share some general tips.

First I'm just going to say do not leave your car in the parking lot. Even though it is probably faster to leave another way, you will not be able to pick up your car another day.

Second, for any of these options try and stay in the park for as long as possible, and whatever you do, do not leave right after the fireworks.

Lastly, bring snacks, you're in for a long night.

By Car

So you've decided to arrive by car. Don't.

Ok here's where the real guide starts.

Do not and I mean DO NOT leave right after the second fireworks. Any time before this you should be fine. But after the second fireworks, the parking lot becomes a madhouse.

There will be multihour traffic. There will be car crashes. There will be drunken fights. It is just a fact.

Do yourself a favor and stay in the park. It is open until 1am and the fireworks will be done at about midnight. Get on another ride. Eat a meal. Stop for one last drink. Just don't head right out of the park after Epcot Forever.

In fact, I would recommend trying to stay in the park as long as possible. They will not kick you out when the park closes at 1AM. You just can't get on any new rides. So at 12:55 get in another long line. It will be shorter than you expect as the Fastpass line stops at 1AM, and it keeps you in the park longer. Alternatively, spend some time in Mouse Gear after the park closes. Just try to stay as long as possible. People will be stuck in complete standstill traffic until well after 1AM.

Make sure you have food in your car, and entertainment if you are bringing kids along.

By Monorail

The monorail lines will be LONG and keep in mind you are just going to run into the same traffic problems at the TTC as the Magic Kingdom lets out at about the same time. If you are staying on the Magic Kingdom monorail loop this is probably your best option but otherwise, I'd avoid it.

By Bus

I don't recommend this option to anyone. You will likely be standing and for just as long as you would be driving your car, maybe well over an hour. And you will be tightly packed with dozens of all your closest drunk friends. Seriously avoid this at all costs or wait until well after the fireworks and hope for a less crowded bus.

By Skyliner

This is a new option and we don't know how it's going to work. I would guess it would work relatively well, but with a massive backup following the fireworks. If all works as it should this could be the best way to leave the park. But it is untested against this level of crowds. Use it at your own risk. You may be rewarded or you may be punished.

By Rideshare

Don't. Just don't. It will be expensive and take just as long as by car. Maybe better than traveling by bus, but it will be expensive

By Foot

Walking is only an option for very few hotels but if you are staying at one of them it is by far the best option. If you are staying at the Boardwalk, Swan and Dolphin, Yacht, and Beach Club then you should, by all means, leave through the International Gateway and walk to your resort. It will be by far the fastest way back to your room and you will not have to deal with traffic or drunk people.