Lights of Winter Epcot Tribute

Lights of Winter At Night Epcot Walt Disney World

Disney is constantly changing its offerings making them more advanced to utilize the latest technology. When it came out, Lights of Winter was one of the most advanced lighting displays Disney has ever done.

Side View Lights of Winter Epcot at Dusk Walt Disney World

It was located right in between Future World and the World Showcase and was timed to do shows to music. It also had another version at Disneyland Paris on Main Street USA.

Lights of Winter Center View Epcot Disney World

The lights would start as dusk each day and run pretty much continuously through the end of the night, only stopping when the IllumiNations was playing.

Pink Lights of Winter Epcot Side View Dusk Walt Disney World

It eventually was outdated by Disney itself with later additions like the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights and left Epcot never to return.

Lights of Winter Epcot Future World Disney World

 Today we remember the Lights of Winter in its simple elegance, and celebrate all the memories it helped to create over the years.

If you were a fan of Lights of Winter or never got a chance to see it and want to see what it was like, be sure to check out this video, which starts with some footage of the Lights of Winter of Epcot in action.