Why Disneyland Still Needs the Fantasyland Theater

A lot of talks have come up in the last few years about the Fantasyland Theater being removed and replaced with a New Fantasyland style area. I don't think that is a good idea and I'm going to explain why.

Every Disney Park has a castle stage where daily performances happen. They normally are some kind of show featuring Mickey Mouse and a loose plot bringing in other Disney animated characters into the mix. Disneyland does not have a castle stage and likely never will due to a complete lack of space. The area in front of the castle can barely fit the Disneyland Band, let alone the crowds of a major show.

The Fantasyland Theater over the last few decades has made up for this. Its shows from Animazement to Mickey and the Magical Map are what you would expect to find on the castle stage, done on a much larger scale.

Without the Fantasyland Theater, there will be no space for large scale live shows in all of Disneyland Park. The closest equivalent would be the theater in Fantasy Fair, but it could never support anything larger than the smaller revue-style shows it currently holds.

Seeing Mickey and friends on stage is something that is uniquely Disney and an important part of the Disney Park experience. If the Fantasyland Theater were to go away, there would be no location in all of the Disneyland Resort that could replace it.

While it would be great to see a Fantasyland expansion, it is not like the Fantasyland Theater is the only place one could go. There is a large area taken up by the former Motor Boat Cruise that could easily be used for a new attraction. There is also Autopia, which could always be shortened or removed in favor of a new attraction, although the Submarine Voyage does slightly complicate this location. The point is, the Fantasyland Theater being removed is not the only way to get a New Fantasyland in Disneyland.

Disneyland always needs to be reevaluating its offerings because of its limited space, but I think the Fantasyland Theater has more of a place at the resort than people give it credit for.