Review: The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 5: The Gunslinger

The Mandalorian Season 1 Poster

The Mandalorian has become the most popular show on Disney+ and with good reason. Today we a reviewing the 5th episode of the series entitled The Gunslinger, as always it will include a spoiler-free review followed by a spoiler-filled review.

This episode relies more on nostalgia for previous entries in the Star Wars franchise than probably any prior episode, but that doesn't hurt it.

The story of Mando and his relationship with the child or "Baby Yoda" just keeps building and now with the stakes rising slowly, it is obviously starting to build towards the conclusion of the first season.

This episode did not really build on any of the existing storylines that have been growing throughout the season but proved itself as a detour worth taking with several great guest performances and cameos of famous locations from the Star Wars canon.

Spoiler Warning

The episode opens with the first space battle of the series and while not elaborate it does add in yet another piece of Star Wars lore to the series on a more grounded and personal level than the massive battles of the films.

After this we go to Tatooine, making its first live-action appearance in over a decade.

Not only do we visit Tatooine, but we see Mando get the full New Hope experience. He visits the Mos Eisley Cantina, parks in the same style hanger as where we first see the Millennium Falcon, and is able to barter with the Tusken Raiders.

We also get a great but all too short performance by Ming-Na Wen as yet another bounty hunter after our title character.

This episode is exciting to watch with relatively no action compared to previous episodes and manages to make its own way in familiar Star Wars territory. As we enter the tail end of the first season this show has found its way and is comfortable enough to tread on some of the most sacred Star Wars territory and feel worthy of being there?

What did you think of The Gunslinger? Were you excited to see Mando visit Tatooine? Let us know in the comments below!