Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Disney+ Watch or Skip

Disney Plus Adventures of the Gummi Bears Logo

For our first TV entry in the Watch or Skip Disney+ series we look at the first episode of Disney's The Adventures of Gummi Bears, a classic Disney animated television series that while not created for it, was run on the Disney Afternoon block. This series was Disney's first major attempt at an animated television series, so we at TPE thought it would be a good starting point.

What we found was a spotty episode.

The animation appears really cheap, and sometimes the mouths barely match the words characters are saying at some points.

Where the show shines is its voice acting and plot complexity. Just it the first episode we learn a lot about the backstory of both the kingdom the series takes place in and the relations between humans, trolls, and gummi bears. This show may have been made for young children, but it actually has some complicated lore to it.

The voice acting as mentioned above is also first-rate, with each of the gummi bears having a distinctive voice that is in line with their character.

This series is a bit stranger than other classic Disney animated TV series, somehow combining a medieval setting with living, bouncing gummi bears, but it does provide for an enjoyable time. Is it something you are going to be binge-watching? Probably not. But it was really shockingly enjoyable. And that theme song gets stuck in your head.

Really the only downside to this show besides it being made for kids is the animation quality is a little lower than what you would expect to see nowadays from Disney. If you can get past that it is a lot of fun and is actually a lot more complex than you would expect from a children's program.