Review One Day At Disney

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Ever since it was announced at the 2019 D23 Expo this documentary has been anticipated by Disney fans hoping to see an inside look at the people who make Disney happen on a daily basis in the many different parts of the company. My own personal anticipation grew with each episode of The Imagineering Story which gave an honest look inside Imagineering.

Unfortunately, this is on nowhere near the same level as that series.

What was supposed to be an inside look at Disney comes off as feeling like an infomercial trying to advertise Disney Careers.

There are some high points in the individual interviews of cast members, but the overall organization of the episode just feels a bit too pretty.

Whereas all the other documentary content created for Disney+ has a feeling of authenticity the presentation of this just does not work. There is nothing wrong with any of the individual interviews, and a few of them are quite compelling, but it doesn't work well together and the episode comes off as feeling less than the sum of its parts.

As I said earlier it feels tonally more like an extended commercial or something that would be played on loop at a job fair than a legitimate documentary meant for public consumption. Rather than giving an honest depiction of what it is like to work for Disney it just praises all of the jobs at the company and how great they are. It never goes deeper than that and I guess we shouldn't expect it to. This is a documentary on what it is like to work for Disney created by Disney. We have just been spoiled by great Disney documentary content on Disney+ so far that this comes off as worse than it actually is by comparison.

In all honesty, it was good, not great, but nowhere near on the same level as the other documentaries made for Disney+. If you are looking for a Disney documentary to watch, go see The Imagineering Story or Disneyland Around the Seasons.

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