Merry Menagerie Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney Animal Kingdom

Happy Polar Bear Puppet Merry Menagerie Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom used to do a lot for Christmas with offerings like Mickey's Jingle Jungle Jammin Parade, but recently the offerings have been a little on the low side. Until this year that is, with a ton of new offerings in every land premiering at the park.

Polar Bear Puppet Looks Down Disney's Animal Kingdom

One of the real highlights has been the Merry Menagerie puppets that wander in front of the Tree of Life on Discovery Island. These puppets bring a polar spirit to the mostly tropical park for the merriest time of the year.

Baby Polar Bear Puppet Merry Menagerie Disney's Animal Kingdom

There are polar Bears of various sizes, as well as seals and penguins, animals you can't find normally at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Merry Menagerie Bird Puppet Disney's Animal Kingdom

The bird puppets fly high above guests, making for a really immersive holiday experience.

Large Polar Bear Puppet Merry Menagerie Disney's Animal Kingdom

These puppets are massive and realistic, and they provide a truly unique character experience that Disney's Animal Kingdom hasn't had since Lucky the Dinosaur left the park.

Merry Menagerie Flying Puppet Disney's Animal Kingdom

It is great to see Disney finding a way to celebrate the holidays in a way that compliments the theme of the park while still being entertaining to guests.

Which of these puppets is your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments and keep coming back every day until Christmas for more looks at Disney Parks holiday celebrations from past and present.