Be More Chill Stage Door

This musical has closed. This article remains as a record.

Be More Chill has a massive online fanbase. It pulled the show from an obscure failed out of town tryout musical all the way through a sold-out Off-Broadway run and to its current Broadway run. It may not have achieved critical acclaim, but that hasn't stopped the fans.

One place this is obvious is at the stage door. It has similar crowd levels too if you experience the original casts of other modern musical hits like Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen, but there is one way it is more intense than even those.

There are regular sing-alongs at the stage door.

If you stage door this show be prepared for the other excited fans to start singing along to "Michael in the Bathroom" and "The Squip Song" or other songs from the show.

The cast also comes out more often than these other shows, but are also less likely to stop for photos. Especially Will Roland who the security guards will even warn you not to ask for photos from. But they are incredible at making sure everyone gets an autograph. I am serious. The actors will often go back and forth making sure they get everyone.

Be More Chill Stage Door Broadway

Make sure you get a spot early though, there is not a lot of room and there are a lot of people after each show.