Weekly Disney Rumor Update 5/31/19

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Construction August 2018

This week was relatively light on news and rumors as it was the final build up to the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Apologies for the shorter update this week but we at TPE strive to only bring the most legitimate rumors and announcments possible and there quite simply was not that much this week as all theme park news focused on the opnening of the most anticipated land possibly of the decade. In fact much of the news this week was correcting false reports.

Disney World

Cinderella Castle Year of a Million Dreams


Epcot New Entrance Replacing Leave a Legacy Concept Art

Future World Changes

Some rumors came out this week that The Seas and The Land were set to be demolished within the next decade. They spread so much Disney had to deny them on Twitter and Disney Parks Blog. While this wouldn't be the first time Disney has denied rumors that later turned out to be credible on Twitter, (They denied Tower of Terror closing in Disney California Adventure), but there are several reasons this probably won't happen. Both have been seen in the background of concept art for other Future World projects and there are several rumors of ongoing projects planned for both pavillions. This is not to mention the already announced Awesome Planet coming to The Land. It is probable safe to say these are safe for the forseable future.

Also in the same Disney Parks Blog article, it confirmed more Epcot projects will be announced at this years D23 for both World Showcase and Future World.

Future World West Epcot Logos

Among denying demolition rumors, Disney also confirmed something widely speculated after the relase of the concept art shown above which features the park's original logo. The classic circular logos will return to the park. No word on if original logos will return for still existing pavillions but the three above were shown in the announcment.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Finding Nemo the Musical Big Blue World Ray

Mystery Project

There have been several blue sky projects rumored to be the next major post Pandora addition, from a Zootopia land, to a Jungle Book boat ride, to a Dinoland redo, to an Indiana Jones land/ attraction, to a third Pandora ride. The list goes on. Apperently at least of these plans, or possibly even something entirely different have moved forward to something more concrete than the blue sky proposals that these were initially discussed as.

Disneyland Resort

Goofy's Sky School Grand Californian


Mark Twain Riverboat from Tom Sawyer Island Disneyland


There are so many rumors reguarding this land coming from credible sources it seems almost definite that this will be the next major renovation at Disneyland Park. Most of them place some kind of Tron ride in the land and remove most if not all rides in the land except Space Mountain. It seems too early to figure out exactly what will happen in this land, but it also is probably safe to say something major will happen in the next decade.