New Epcot Logos to be Announced at D23 Plus More On Other Projects

Disney just announced that new information about the massive transition currently happening at Epcot will be revealed at this years D23 Expo.

One announcement, in particular, was singled out, the return of the use of logos to distinguish the pavilions of Future World.

Epcot logos Seas Land Imagination

A specific image was given as a part of this announcement featuring the original logos for The Land, The Living Seas, and Imagination. Based on this I would guess these logos will remain either unchanged or very similar to their original forms, with new logos being given to the reimagined Energy pavilion featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, Mission Space, Test Track, The Play Pavilion, as well as for any currently unannounced additional pavilions.

Hopefully, this means several more unknown projects for Epcot are in the works as part of this massive change making the park more timeless and more Disney.