Numerous Disney Parks Artifacts Confirmed Stolen from Disney World Including Buzzy and Haunted Mansion Props

Haunted Mansion Disney World

Update: The @BackDoorDisney social media accounts have all been taken down or made private and the accused has been released on bond. There is no other new information at this time.

Today we received possibly the biggest update in the missing Buzzy case. Before going into the new information I'll summarize what has happened so far. If you already know and wish to skip to the new information given out today skip to the New Info section.

What Already Happened

In December we learned that Buzzy, the animatronic from the long-closed Cranium Command had possibly been stolen from the Wonders of Life Pavillion in Epcot at Disney World. The story was broken by @DreamfinderGuy on Twitter. Another Disney Twitter account @BackDoorDisney was a prime suspect, as they are mainly known for posting backstage photos. Several theories came out, about whether it was just the clothes, the entire animatronic, or both at different times were stolen, but so far we had no confirmation.

Until today.

New Info

@BackDoorDisney founder Patrick Spikes is now being accused not of the Buzzy theft, but instead for allegedly stealing artifacts from the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom and selling them to collectors.

On top of this new accusation, we received concrete confirmation that Buzzy and his clothes were indeed stolen on two separate instances. His whereabouts still remain unknown, as does who stole him.