Where Can Disneyland Still Expand?

Where Can Disneyland Still Expand?

In the past few weeks, we got an announcement for a new E-Ticket attraction coming to Disneyland, Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway. It is especially significant in that besides a shop it will not replace any existing attractions, meaning the park will now be receiving 3 new E-Tickets without losing any attraction (besides a shortened Rivers of America).

For a park rapidly increasing in annual attendance expanding without replacing is a major plus (and something Disney World could learn from Disneyland). But what areas are left after this to expand in this landlocked park? This isn't Disney World where there are still massive expansion pads left, so where might the next expansion be?

Well, surprisingly there are still a few areas that could be used for future expansion at the park and some that were even considered for expansion in the past. In fact, there is a large empty area in the center of one of the busiest lands you may never have even noticed. So here are all the places at the Disneyland Resort there is still room for expansion without necessarily replacing anything.


Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland Hub

Between Main Street USA and Tomorrowland

This section of the park has had numerous expansions planned for it over the years, but none ever made it to breaking ground. First, there was International Street, a bypass of Main Street USA. Then it was going to be home to two new lands, Liberty Street and Edison Square. While none of these were built it proves the space is large enough to hold a land. Now more backstage buildings have moved in here since these lands were proposed but Disney has been willing to move these things offsite in the past so if the right concept came along this could easily be used for future expansion.

Between Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Mickey's Toontown

There is a planned expansion pad between Galaxy's Edge and Toontown that could be used by either land for a future attraction, but in all honesty, we know this will be used for a Star Wars expansion. Especially this same expansion pad exists and Disney's Hollywood Studios, meaning both could get the same expansion. This is the most likely expansion point for the near future.

Motor Boat Cruise Area

Ok, this would technically replace an attraction but it's been closed for over 20 years so I think it's safe to categorize it as an expansion not a replacement at this point. The Motor Boat Cruise was an early Disneyland attraction that closed after a horrific Disney Afternoon retheme based on Gummi Bears. But now the attractions waterways have been largely filled in and are just waiting for an expansion. Rumors state this along with the Fantasyland Theater will be used for a Fantasyland expansion at some point in the future.

Disneyland Possible Expansion Pads 2019 Satellite View

Disney California Adventure

Toy Story Midway Mania Exit Disney California Adventure

Old Parking Lot

There is currently one remaining part of the original Disneyland parking lot left between Cars Land and Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout. This was planned to be used as a part of a drive-in movie theater themed restaurant seen in early models for Cars Land, but recent rumors have pointed at this becoming a part of the Marvel land currently under construction. However, the Avengers E-Ticket coming to this land may be under risk of cancelation due to the coronavirus.

Hollywood Backlot

Ok, you might say this is already a land here, but really there is a lot of unused space here. There is a massive empty space and two massive buildings are currently only used for meet and greets. This could easily hold several more rides or even a potential new land especially if the canceled Eastern Gateway plans ever get off the ground.

Disney California Adventure Expansion Pads 2019 Satellite View