Boudin The Bakery Tour Disney California Adventure

Boudin Bakery Tour Disney California Adventure

Disney California Adventure has relatively few attractions that remain entirely unchanged since opening day. One of the few of these that remains is the Boudin Bakery Tour.

Boudin Truck Pacific Wharf Disney California Adventure

This attraction was an opening day attraction in Pacific Wharf and it has stayed the same as the entire park around it changed. If you liked DCA 1.0 this is the place you should go to.

It features a self-guided tour of a sourdough factory and starts off with a free sample of the bread you will see being made.

Along the way, you will find an interactive quiz on sourdough bread, and, because this is DCA 1.0, a video featuring early 2000s celebrities Rosie O'Donnell and Colin Mochrie. 

The fact this has gone unchanged is shocking, but its also a great glimpse into the past of a rapidly changing park.

And a great place for free food.