Why Walt Disney World and Disneyland Don't Have Parking Trams Anymore

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Walt Disney World Parking Lot Tram TTC Transportation and Ticket Center

Walt Disney World and Disneyland were permanently changed by the pandemic, even after reopening, with many shows, attractions, and other offerings being removed or altered for the new normal. But as time went on, much of what was lost began to return in some form. But a main feature of the Disney Parks experience has yet to return on either coast, the parking lot tram.

This may seem like a minor thing. This is not something most people think about as part of the Disney experience, and it isn't a part of most people's favorite memories of Walt Disney World or Disneyland. But it is a major part of the Disney experience.

Disneyland Resort Parking Lot Tram Station

The parking lots at Walt Disney World are massive and sprawling. At the Disneyland Resort, the Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals parking garages are located a significant distance from the theme parks. Without the parking lot trams, guests now have to walk the full distance of the parking lot at the begining and end of their day, making what is typically an already intense day of activity at the theme parks even more exhausting.

So why have these not been brought back yet? Most other theme parks that previously utilized parking trams, such as parks in the Six Flags chain, have brought back the practice after an initial absence during the initial stage of the theme park reopenings across the country, so it is no longer a safety practice as it was initially.

This appears by currently available information to be nothing more than a budget cost measure.

Trams are set to return to the Disneyland Resort by early 2022, but no such timeframe has been given in Walt Disney World.