The Mandalorian Season 2 Disney Magic Kingdoms Update Revealed

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms Mandalorian Season 2 Update Opening Screen

Disney Magic Kingdoms has revealed everything coming to the game in their upcoming Mandalorian Season 2 themed update, being added in a new smaller time limited event. The update will come out November 9 with the event beginning just after that, with the main event being a Cascading style event. The update will also include a Tower Challenge begining November 25 to get Lefou.

Below is a rundown of all of the announced new content for the new Star Wars update to the game.


Ahsoka Tano (Premium)


Boba Fett

Hint For Next Update

The hint for the next update is that it is one you wooden want to miss. This appears to fit with the Pinocchio clue and image the game has already shown, meaning this will be the last 2021 update, or the first update of 2022 depending on the timing of the update.