Linus Dorney Park Character Tribute

Dorney Park Character Tribute

Linus Character in Planet Snoopy Peanuts Dorney Park

Dorney Park is a park owned by the Cedar Fair theme park chain, and that means that it features appearances by the iconic characters of the Peanuts franchise. One of the most common characters in Dorney Park is Linus.

Linus appears in meet and greets and shows in the park, typically in the Planet Snoopy section of the park.

As of the past season he has appeared in the theater for small shows and socially distant meet and greets, with his blanket of course.

Linus Peanuts Character in Dorney Park

His presence is wonderful for Peanuts fans young and old alike, and Planet Snoopy is the perfect place to see this iconic character, with its theming featuring various characters and locations from the series in an interesting way.

Linus on Planet Snoopy Stage Dorney Park

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