What Disney Rides May Close In The Next 10 Years?

Disney Adventurer

Figment and One Little Spark Sheet Music Journey Into Imagination with Figment Ride Epcot Walt Disney World

Disney Parks are constantly changing places, and unfortunately, this means that rides and attractions beloved by generations of Disney fans young and old are constantly having to close to make way for new experiences.

So I am going to make a prediction of what rides at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World I could see being removed in the next 10 years. This is a speculation article and not based in anything currently announced, merely on rumors and Disney's tendencies over the last few years.

1. Goofy's Sky School

This ride is one of few remaining from Paradise Pier still open in Disney California Adventure, but this I think is the most likely ride to be removed in the next 10 years. Disney recently removed the similar Primeval Whirl from Disney's Animal Kingdom, and this roller coaster is far from the most popular attraction in its park.

The area this ride is in, Paradise Gardens Park, currently exists as a strange remnant of Paradise Pier following the addition of Pixar Pier, so it is easy to see this being the next section of the park to be addressed. This ride has already been rethemed once, and it is not difficult to imagine another retheme or even removal.

2. TriceraTop Spin

TriceraTop Spin is now the only ride left in the Chester and Hester section of Dinoland USA. If Disney chooses to add something to replace this section, which seems likely after the closure of Primeval Whirl, then this ride would likely have to go to make that happen.

There is always the chance this is moved or rethemed, but if Dinoland gets some much-needed love, this ride might not survive.

3. Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Journey Into Imagination With Figment is constantly facing rumors of its replacement. Its pavilion is one of the only ones without a significant change planned as a part of the ongoing redevelopment of Epcot.

While the pandemic could certainly have delayed any unannounced plans for this attraction, there is really no denying this ride needs an update at the least. If Epcot gets any more additions beyond those already announced, this is an easy bet for where it will be.

4. Splash Mountain

This has already been announced, but as it has yet to happen it remains on this list. Princess and the Frog will be moving into this attraction in the near future, meaning the current version will be closing in both Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom.