Will We Ever Get A Ride Based On A Disney Plus Original?

Disney Plus

Loki In TWA Prison Jumpsuit Disney Plus

It is not up for debate that Disney Plus has been a massive success ever since it launched, with various original series and films taking the world by storm, from The Mandalorian, to Hamilton, to WandaVision and the myriad of Marvel originals that have followed it. But so far, no Disney Plus original has had a major, lasting presence in the Disney Parks.

Is this going to be a permanent trend, or could we eventually see a major ride or attraction based on one of the originals that premieres on the streaming service?

Disney typically has not put TV shows they create into the Disney Parks, and when they do it has been almost exclusively in small, easy to change stage shows, such as Playhouse Disney/ Disney Junior Live on Stage and the various stage shows based on the High School Musical franchise.

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror At Night Disney's Hollywood Studios

The only real exception to this since the earliest days of the Disney Parks is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, but that is based on one of the most iconic television shows of all time, one that's popularity had already spanned decades by the time Disney added it to the parks.

But can this concept be easily applied to Disney Plus?

As of right now, there are essentially no attractions at any theme park in the world based on an original series or film from any streaming service. But Disney is also different in that they own both a major streaming service and a major theme park chain, something no other company (except maybe Universal) can claim.

Their original content is also largely tied to their already existing franchises. A Loki attraction would fit in naturally with Avengers Campus despite it being from Disney Plus and the majority of the land being based on the films. Timeline issues aside, The Mandalorian would also fit in well in Galaxy's Edge, or even as a new scene on Star Tours. Luca and Soul also could serve as strange exceptions, being films only released on Disney Plus due to the pandemic.

Some upcoming original content could also be perfectly suited for theme park expansion. Assuming the Percy Jackson series is able to properly capture the world of the book series (unlike the previous film adaptations) then it could be perfect for a theme park attraction. The Hocus Pocus sequel could also be the perfect inspiration for future Halloween celebrations at the Disney Parks.

But we have also gotten this far, and through several major hits, without any major signs or even prominent rumors of any significant Disney Plus presence in the Disney Parks. It is becoming increasingly likely that Disney is going to ignore their streaming service in the parks just as they have done historically with traditional TV.

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