Goliath Is Permanently Closed and Being Demolished at Six Flags New England


Goliath Green Roller Coaster Six Flags New England Fright Fest 2021

Goliath, the giant inverted boomerang roller coaster located at Six Flags New England, is currently being demolished.

While the park has yet to officially state that the ride is permanently closed, during the final weekend of the Fright Fest Halloween event at Six Flags New England, parts of the ride could clearly be seen on the ground beneath the track.

This signifies that demolition has begun on the roller coaster and that it will not return to the park, and will remain closed following its closure during the 2021 season due to pandemic era budget cuts.

Goliath Six Flags New England Roller Coaster Demolition

Earlier in the year, it was announced that Goliath would not open for the 2021 season to cut costs as the park reopened for the first time following the COVID19 pandemic, and it was removed from the park map.

Its sign would also be removed relatively early in the season, although beyond that the ride sat unchanged throughout the year.

Some parts of the ride were not connected to the attraction for the full year, but far more pieces of the attraction are now disconnected from the track, most significantly one of the track rails. This suggests that this ride is not being relocated, and is instead being scrapped.

Superman The Ride Roller Coaster Drop Into Tunnel Six Flags New England

Six Flags stated they were removing 15 rides due to the pandemic (which equals one ride per park), and they were targeting attractions with moderate to low popularity that cost a significant amount to operate. Goliath has been a maintenance nightmare since it was relocated to Six Flags New England from Six Flags Magic Mountain, with most of the issues attributed to the new trains it got in New England. This was the natural choice to remove as a part of this move at Six Flags New England, as maintenance issues could keep the ride closed for months at a time.

Goliath Roller Coaster Demolition Track Pieces Six Flags New England

Goliath was rumored to be slated for removal even before the pandemic, so this may have merely moved up the timeline of its demolition.

Goliath Roller Coaster Demolition Missing Track Rail Six Flags New England

Six Flags has not officially confirmed the fate of this attraction yet despite the demolition work visible from within the park. They have also yet to confirm any replacement for the roller coaster, or any new attraction for the 2022 season at all.


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