Reimagined Finding Nemo Musical Titled The Big The Blue and Beyond Will Open in 2022 at Walt Disney World


A replacement for Finding Nemo The Musical has been announced. The new show, titled Finding Nemo The Big Blue...and Beyond will be premiering in early 2022 at Disney's Animal Kingdom in the theater that until the closure of Walt Disney World due to the COVID19 pandemic had held the original version of Finding Nemo The Musical.

Opening originally at Disney's Animal Kingdom in 2007, this show was one of the most elaborate and popular stage shows in all of Walt Disney World. This Broadway-style musical ran multiple times a day at the park.

Marlin and Dory Riding Crush The Turtle Puppets Finding Nemo The Musical Disney's Animal Kingdom

Much of the music from the original show will be returning to the new show, most notably the two songs In The Big Blue World and Go With The Flow.

The iconic puppets that were utilized in the original show will also be returning to the show for all of the returning characters. This was a trademark of the original version, utilizing puppets of the various characters as they appeared in the Pixar film performed by live actors as they performed the show.

This new show will now be framed around Finding Dory, instead looking back at the events of the first film.

Here is a full performance of the original show from 2019 before any of the changes that are about to take place.

Dory and Marlin Holding The Mask Finding Nemo The Musical Disney's Animal Kingdom

What do you think about the changes coming to this popular show at Walt Disney World? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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