Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster Luna Park Guide

Luna Park

Cyclone Roller Coaster Coney Island Luna Park Brooklyn New York

Opening Date: June 26th, 1927

The Coney Island Cyclone is a historic roller coaster located in Luna Park at Coney Island. Featuring a wooden track and steel supports it is an intense experience that should be accessible for all ages.


Designer/ Manufacturer: Vernon Keenan

Inversions: 0

Ride Type: Classic Hybrid Coaster

Important Rider Information

Height Requirement: 54 in



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Thrill Rating 5/10

This is a moderately intense roller coaster with a few big drops that is relatively smooth given its age.


Coney Island Cyclone Train Going Over Airtime Hill Roller Coaster Luna Park

Cyclone Coney Island Roller Coaster Entrance and Queue Line New York

Coney Island Cyclone Sign Roller Coaster Luna Park Brooklyn New York