10 Fun Facts About Legoland New York

Coaster Round-Up

Legoland New York Entrance Sign

Legoland New York is a new amusement park located in Goshen New York featuring lands and attractions themed based on the iconic Lego toy series.

Here are 10 fun facts about this new family amusement park.

1. Delayed Opening

Lego Welcome Sign Legoland New York

The park's opening was delayed a year due to the COVID19 pandemic.

2. Coasters

Lego Dragon Coaster Legoland New York

The park currently features two different roller coasters, both themed after LEGO dragons.

3. Hotel

Legoland Hotel Sign Legoland New York

A Legoland Hotel is located next to the park, offering families a place to stay when visiting the theme park.

4. US

Lego Flower Patch Legoland New York

This is the third Legoland-themed park in the United States, after the parks in California and Florida.

5. Lands

Lego Family of Ducks Legoland New York

The park features seven Lego-themed lands based on various types of Lego sets.

6. Goshen

The park is located in Goshen New York, and it features a model of significant sites in the town in Miniland.

7. Custom Ride

Lego Factory Adventure Ride Vehicle Poster Legoland New York

One of the main attractions in the park, the Lego Factory Adventure Ride is an exclusive ride that is only found at Legoland New York.

8. Lego Masters

Lego Masters Set in Legoland New York

A Lego set from the first season of the television show Lego Masters is currently on display in one of the shops in Legoland New York.

9. Sets

Brickoloni's Pizza and Pasta Sign Legoland New York

The park features many exclusive Lego sets that can only be purchased at a Legoland park.

10. Lego Models

Lego Seagull Holding a Fish Legoland New York

While many of the buildings and attractions are made of fake Lego bricks, there are many models in the park made of thousands of real Lego bricks.