5 Facts About Hydra The Revenge Floorless Roller Coaster at Dorney Park

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Hydra The Revenge Roller Coaster Dorney Park Amusement Park

Hydra The Revenge is a roller coaster located at Dorney Park, an amusement park in Allentown Pennsylvania, and it is one of the best attractions in the park.

Here are five fun facts about this thrilling roller coaster.

1. Name

Dorney Park Cobra Roll Hydra The Revenge Roller Coaster

The name of this ride is a tribute to the ride which used to be located on this plot of land Hercules, as the Hydra is a monster that is a part of the same myth.

2. First Inversion

The ride begins with an inversion the moment you leave the ride station, before you even climb the lift hill, in a relatively unique element.

3. Inversions

Hydra The Revenge Green Floorless Roller Coaster Dorney Park

In total, this ride features 7 inversions.

4. Floorless Coaster

Hydra The Revenge Corkscrew Green Roller Coaster Dorney Park

This ride is a floorless coaster, meaning your legs have no floor to rest on while you ride the roller coaster, merely dangling above the track.

5. Height

Hydra The Revenge Roller Coaster Lift Hill Dorney Park

This ride features a maximum height of 95 feet at the top of its lift hill.