What Tarzan Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Tarzan is one of the most popular Disney films that is not currently a part of Disney Magic Kingdoms. While this might be due to rights issues, I am still going to speculate as to what characters could and should be added to the game as a part of an update based on the film.

This film could realistically be either a permanent content update or a limited-time event, so I will speculate as to the number of characters that would be added in a smaller permanent content update and then expanding as to who the additional characters could be if it was a larger limited-time event.

Tarzan Angry Disney Animated Film

Tarzan is obviously the most likely character to be added to the game. He is the title character and biggest character in the film and an update could really not be done without him.

Jane Porter Bamboo Disney Tarzan

The next most likely character is almost certainly Jane. She is the biggest human character beyond Tarzan and his love interest in the film. If any other human is added it would almost certainly be her.

Terk and the Gorillas Tarzan Disney

There are also a lot of animals that would likely be added. The first most likely would almost certainly be Terk. She is one of Tarzan's best friends and is probably the most likely gorilla character to make it into the game.

Kala the Gorilla Animated Disney Tarzan

The next most likely character I would guess would be Kala. She as Tarzan's mother would help bring the update the family themes from the films in whatever storyline it followed and would be a lot of fun in the game.

This could easily be the entire update, but if it was bigger there are definitely more characters that could be added.

Tantor Elephant Scared in Disney's Tarzan

The next most likely character I would guess would be Tantor. He is another of Tarzan's close friends, and while due to his less prominent status in Tarzan media after the film I think he wouldn't make it in a smaller update.

Clayton and Professor Porter Tarzan Disney

If another human character made it to the game I would guess it would be Professor Porter. He is a big character and he survives the events of the film.

Beyond these characters, I think it would be difficult to add the remaining characters. The only remaining significant characters, Sabor, Clayton, and Kercheck all die in the film, and one of which takes place relatively early in the film. While the game has brought dead characters back before this makes predicting who would and would not be added difficult. I honestly think it would merely be a smaller update for this reason.

For attractions, there is one major attraction in the parks that would make an easy addition as a part of an update to the game based on the film, Tarzan's Treehouse. This attraction is found in multiple Disney Parks and perfectly fits the style of the ride.

Tarzan Scarring Kala Disney Film

I think the only thing beyond this that could inspire an attraction would be the camp/ jungle areas. These would fit perfectly into the Adventureland section of the game and make for a fun little Tarzan area of your kingdom.

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  1. Tarzan is currently the only rennaisance film not in game yet i would love to see it alongside Bug's Life Cars Fox Hound Great Mouse Detective Atlantis Treasure Planet Brother Bear Chicken Little Meet Robinsons Bolt ice Age Rio Ferdinand Robots Horton Futurama Family Guy American Dad Darkwing Duck Phineas Ferb Gravity Falls


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