Predictions: What Will Come To Disney Magic Kingdom in 2022

Disney Magic Kingdoms

With the end of the year fast approaching, and the final update of the year already known (Pinocchio), it is time to start looking ahead to what Disney Magic Kingdoms might add in the upcoming year. Just as I did last year, I am going to predict what films I think are going to be added throughout the year to the game.

This is not based on any inside information I have, just based on their history, what they have added in the past, and how many updates they typically release in a year. I am only going to be predicting the full events, not the smaller events. The predictions will be organized into three categories, likely, possible, and wildcard, based on how much I think they are going to be added into the game.

Where possible I will try to predict the timing for the update, but this is often not possible.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Game Walt Disney World 50th Decorations on Cinderella Castle

Turning Red (Likely)

This is an upcoming Pixar film set to be released in March of 2022. It would be perfect for a new update, especially considering Disney Magic Kingdoms has done an update based on a new release in the last few years in the month of March.

The game loves adding new releases and this is the first one that would really fit in the game.

Hocus Pocus (Likely)

Disney Magic Kingdoms has added almost all the major Disney Halloween season properties, including Nightmare Before Christmas, Coco, and even the Haunted Mansion. The obvious choice for the 2022 Halloween update is Hocus Pocus.

This is an iconic film that is only growing in popularity, and with an upcoming Disney Plus sequel coming out in 2022, I can't see them not doing this for the Halloween update.

More Star Wars (Likely)

I think it is safe to assume the game is, at the very least, going to do yearly Star Wars updates alongside May 4th.

As for what will be added, there are a lot of possibilities but a Prequel Trilogy seems like the best fit as it's the last trilogy without any characters in the game. But there are certainly countless other things the update could be based on.

Cars (Likely)

For my last likely prediction, I am sticking with the Cars franchise. It is the last popular animated franchise owned by Disney or Pixar that is not in the game yet, and would make for a wonderful update to the game.

There are at least a dozen characters that would be great fits in the game, and with many different real-life Disney Parks attractions based on the franchise there is no shortage of content that could come out based on this series.

Lightyear (Possible)

Now I want to say I do think the game is going to do something for this. I just don't know if it will be a full update. I could easily see them doing a smaller update for this adding just a few characters or costumes considering how much Toy Story content the game already has.

Is it possible this is a full update? Of course, but with so much Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story already in the game I don't think it will be a full scale event.

If it happens this would be in June alongside the film's release date.

Avatar (Possible)

Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time, and its long-delayed sequel is finally coming out for the 2022 holiday season. Disney Magic Kingdoms is based on the Disney Parks and with the amazing Pandora land in Disney's Animal Kingdom, this could be the perfect addition to the game.

Once again this is in the possible category due to the rights, as well as another building style game existing based on this franchise.

Inside Out (Possible)

As one of the last major Pixar standalone films not in the game, this could be a natural fit for an update to Disney Magic Kingdoms. The emotions are growing to be incredibly popular Disney Pixar characters, and with an attraction in Disney California Adventure, this could be a great update to the game.

Up (Possible)

Staying with Pixar for one more prediction, Up could be an amazing update as well. It is still popular, especially with the recent Disney Plus series, and could easily inspire a smaller update to the game.

Anything Marvel (Possible)

For my final possible prediction, I am looking at the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, with its countless characters, as well as the Disney Parks attractions that have begun to open based on the series.

Really any characters from the series could be a good addition, but rights issues once again come into play with this series keeping it from being one of my main predictions. But if they can use these characters, it is only a matter of time till they come to the game.

Soul (Wildcard)

It is strange Disney Magic Kingdoms did not do an update based on Soul, as they almost always do with new releases. As a modern and popular animated film, it could be a great part of the game, but they didn't do it when it was released, so it ranks lower than it should be on this list.

Encanto (Wildcard)

Encanto is a new for 2021 Disney film that did not get an update alongside its release. Similar to Soul, this could easily be a good update to the game, but as it was not added alongside the film its difficult to predict when it could make it to the game.

More Zootopia (Wildcard)

For another of the wildcards, I could see a second Zootopia event possibly coming to the game. The Shanghai Disneyland attraction based on the film is set to come out in 2022 as well as a Disney Plus TV series set in the city. These are not immediate reasons to expect more from this film in the game, but it is not outside the realm of possibility.

Final Wildcard

Typically, each year the game adds about one cult classic Disney film. A film that has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, but that is not necessarily a mainstream Disney movie. It is difficult to predict what this might be but some possible options could be Atlantis, Treasure Planet, The Rescuers, Hunchback of Notre Dame, A Bug's Life, among others.

What film do you hope to see added in 2022 to Disney Magic Kingdoms? Let me know in the comments below!