Ranking All The Roller Coasters In Connecticut

Coaster Round Up

Boulder Dash Wooden Roller Coaster Airtime Hills Lake Compounce

Connecticut is a state located in the Northeast United States that is home to two major historic amusement parks, Lake Compounce and Quassy, and even more roller coasters. But which of these thrilling rides is the best?

Here is a ranking of all of the roller coasters currently operating in the state of Connecticut as of 2021, with the exception of the kiddie coasters.

5. Wildcat

Wildcat Wooden Roller Coaster Lift Hill Lake Compounce at Night

Wildcat is the oldest currently operating roller coasters in the state and the worst currently open roller coaster in Connecticut. Located at Lake Compounce, where it serves as the park's centerpiece, this roller coaster looks visually impressive. But hopping onboard immediately reveals it as one of the roughest coasters in the country, despite much work to correct the problem over the years.

The ride does have some good airtime, especially towards the end of the experience, but it cannot move beyond the lowest spot in the state.

4. Zoomerang

Loop Zoomerang Roller Coaster Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Zoomerang is a boomerang style roller coaster that is found at dozens of other amusement parks around the world. But there is a reason this was built so many times, it offers a fun experience in a small package. The ride features a cobra roll and loop that you travel through both forwards and backwards on your ride.

While a bit shaky in recent years, this is still a fun part of any visit to Lake Compounce.

3. Wooden Warrior

Wooden Warrior Roller Coaster First Turn Quassy Amusement Park

Wooden Warrior is a small scale wooden roller coaster located at Quassy amusement park, but do not let its size fool you. This coaster is filled with almost nonstop airtime from begining to end despite its short layout.

What it lacks in length it makes up for in quality, offering a surprisingly fun and smooth experience that is the highlight of a visit to Quassy.

2. Phobia Phear Coaster

Phobia Phear Coaster Ride Sign Roller Coaster Lake Compounce Bristol Connecticut

Phobia Phear Coaster is currently the only launched coaster located in New England and it is currently operating at Lake Compounce. Featuring a shuttle style launch both forwards and backwards this coaster features one inversion and some impressive hangtime throughout the experience.

This smooth, modern coaster is an impressive coaster that is one of the most intense in the state, with its speed and height making it a must do experience at its park.

1. Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash is a major wooden roller coaster located at Lake Compounce amusement park. Built in 2000 and located on the side of a mountain that borders the park this roller coaster is an intense and airtime filled experience that will have you out of your seat for most of the ride.

This roller coaster is generally considered one of the best wooden coasters in the world, so it easily tops the list for the best roller coaster in the state.

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