Terk Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Terk Disney Parks Character in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Terk is one of the most famous characters from the Disney film version of Tarzan and during the years following the film's release they became one of if not the most common characters from the film to appear in the Disney Parks.

Specifically, Terk became a mainstay at Disney's Animal Kingdom, having regular meet and greets in the park and even occasionally showing up unannounced just outside of the park wandering and meeting guests on their way in and out of the park.

Eventually, Terk would fade from the Disney Parks, as would all other characters from the Disney version of Tarzan.

Terk Character at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Disney World

Up until recently, Terk could still be seen yearly at the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, but now it is unclear when or if they will appear regularly in the Disney Parks again.