The Dragon Coaster Playland Park Guide

Playland Park

The Dragon Coaster Playland Park Entrance Wooden Roller Coaster Rye New York

Opening Date: 1929

The Dragon Coaster is a classic wooden coaster located at Playland Park in Rye New York. It is the main roller coaster at the park and built on top of the park's Old Mill dark ride.


Designer/ Manufacturer: Frederick Church

Ride Type: Wood Coaster

Inversions: 0

Important Rider Information

Height Restriction: 48 in


Thrill Rating 3/10

This is not an intense roller coaster although it does have a few hills of a moderate size.


Dragon Coaster Wooden Roller Coaster Playland Park Rye New York

Dragon Coaster Rye Playland Roller Coaster Train Enters Mouth

Special Information

This roller coaster has been featured in multiple films, including Fatal Attraction.