The Africa Pavilion: Disneyland's Never Built WESTCOT

Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

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Westcot took a different approach to Epcot's World Showcase, largely due to a lack of space, and this meant largely focusing on continents rather than countries. This also meant areas left out of the original Epcot in Walt Disney World would find a place in the plans for Westcot, including significantly a pavilion based on the continent of Africa.

This pavilion would have taken much of its inspiration from the never-built Equitorial Africa Pavilion from Epcot Center.

This pavilion would have included incredibly similar stage shows, films, and cultural exhibits, especially as much of the work on attractions had already been done, and artifacts had already been purchased for the Epcot Pavilion before it was canceled.

This pavilion would have included a much larger region than just Equitorial Africa, also including the entire continent and parts of the Middle East, which would have incorporated several religions into the park in a major way, something they had not been willing to do in the original Epcot resulting in the cancelation of an Israel Pavilion.

A raft ride was also designed for this park, adding a major water ride to the resort, as well as plans for an Egypt-themed expansion that would be part of phase two for the park, although its details were not ever released publicly.

This pavilion may not have had its origin in Epcot, but it was a reinterpretation of plans that had been budget cut from the Walt Disney World park. It would end up being canceled as well, leaving Disney Parks without an Africa-themed land until Disney's Animal Kingdom opened at Walt Disney World.