Great Bear Inverted Roller Coaster Hersheypark Guide


Great Bear Inverted B&M Roller Coaster First Drop Hersheypark

Opening Date: May 23rd, 1998

Great Bear is the inverted roller coaster located at Hersheypark. Featuring a layout built surrounded by the park's other coasters this ride gives a unique and intense experience.


Designer/ Manufacturer: B&M

Ride Type: Inverted Roller Coaster

Inversions: 4

Important Rider Information

Height Requirement: 54 in


Thrill Rating 8/10

This is a fast and intense roller coaster with tightly packed elements that is one of the most intense rides at Hersheypark.


Hersheypark Great Bear Roller Coaster Final Brakes

Great Bear Inverted Roller Coaster Ride Station Hersheypark

Great Bear Loop Roller Coaster Hersheypark