Where Can Six Flags New England Expand?

Coaster Round Up

Six Flags New England Ground Logo

Six Flags New England is a popular park in the Six Flags chain, and it is running out of places to expand, But it is not entirely out of them yet, so today I am talking about the locations at Six Flags New England where they could potentially add a new ride without replacing anything currently in the park.

This will assume that there is not a currently operating ride on the discussed location, or another major building that could not be relocated elsewhere.

There are three major places where Six Flags New England could continue to expand in the park with relatively little effort.

Catwoman's Whip Roller Coaster Entrance Six Flags New England

The first is between Catwoman's Whip and The Riddler Revenge. This is a smaller plot of land that is somewhat sloped, but that doesn't mean they couldn't use it.

Six Flags New England has found creative ways of utilizing its sloped setting in the past and this is one of the largest unused spots currently in the park.

Batman The Dark Knight Roller Coaster Entrance Six Flags New England

The next would be the parking lot behind Batman The Dark Knight roller coaster. This is still needed by the park, but they could always rework parking elsewhere in the park if they wanted to give them more land.

Joker Ride Vehicle Gotham City Gauntlet Roller Coaster Six Flags New England

The park also has a small amount of free land next to Gotham City Gauntlet. While this could not hold a major ride, it could easily hold a smaller flat ride that could open up room that could be better utilized elsewhere in the park.

Six Flags New England is a great park, and it still has a bit of room left to expand.