Ride The Dragon Coaster: Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

Dragon Coaster Roller Coaster Enters Dragon's Mouth Rye Playland

One of the main areas of the proposed Westcot park planned but never built for the Disneyland Resort would have been an Asia-themed pavilion in the World Showcase area of the park. The main attraction of this land would have been a major roller coaster themed based on a dragon that would have been known as Ride The Dragon.

This coaster would have towered over the area of the park, and its peak would have been covered by a tunnel structure designed to look like a Chinese festival dragon. This would have been a functional tunnel, covering the view outside of the park as well as muffling the screams of those on the ride for the benefit of those in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The exact intensity of this roller coaster is unknown but it likely would have been the most intense in all of the Disneyland Resort at the time. It also would have been unique as Epcot to this day still does not have a roller coaster, meaning this would have been the first roller coaster built in a version of Epcot Center.

The exact story details are not public knowledge, but this would have given the park a major roller coaster attraction, unlike anything Disney had built at the time.

California Screamin Roller Coaster Paradise Pier Disney California Adventure

A roller coaster would be incorporated into the final plans for the land proposed originally for Westcot with Disney California Adventure, California Screamin (now known as Incredicoaster). It also would feature tunnels in a similar manner to how they were discussed for this ride, serving in a way as a spiritual successor to the ride.