Autopia Disneyland Guide


Autopia Gold Ride Vehicle Disneyland Station

Opening Date: July 17th, 1955

Autopia is one of the oldest attractions in Disneyland and it has changed constantly since first opening alongside the park, paying tribute to the constantly evolving highways and roadways of the American future.

You get the opportunity to ride your own car through the woods of Tomorrowland no matter if you have a driver's license or not.

Thrill Rating 3/10

This is a slow-moving outdoor scenic ride. You can be bumped by riders in front or behind you which can be slightly painful.


Autopia Queue Line Building Disneyland Tomorrowland

Disneyland Autopia Final Turn Tomorrowland

Honda ASIMO Animatronic Autopia Tomorrowland Disneyland

Autopia Ride Track Tomorrowland Disneyland

Special Information

This is the only opening day ride left open in Tomorrowland.