Why Is It's A Small World Closed at Disneyland?


Something is going on with It's A Small World at Disneyland. Why is this attraction currently closed following its scheduled reopening date from the refurbishment to transform it into It's A Small World Holiday?

For anyone unfamiliar with the current situation let's catch you up to date.

It's A Small World at Disneyland transforms every holiday season into a seasonal overlay celebrating various different winter holiday celebrations. This involves a massive change of the ride on the inside as well as lights all over the attraction's facade. This year, the ride was scheduled to reopen on November 11th, but it didn't and this is incredibly off for Disney.

Rides typically do not remain in refurbishment for longer than scheduled. In fact, many even tend to open up early from refurbishment so this is a pretty big deal, especially for an attraction like It's A Small World Holiday that is only open for a short period every year. Each day this attraction is open matters, and there are people coming to this park for the holiday season who planned trips expecting this ride. It being closed for any period of time unexpected is a big deal.

So why is this happening?

Reports are that there was a leak in the water systems of It's a Small World and it caused damage to the attraction. The ride leaking would potentially cause major damage. It is worth mentioning that Disney has not told us the extent of the damage, but it is now over a week later and the ride is still closed with no sign of reopening anytime soon. 

It's A Small World Ride Boats Disneyland

It's A Small World utilizes technology from the 1960s. It is the version of the attraction that operated at the 1964 World's Fair and much of its infrastructure dates back to that time period. The ride exists utilizing mechanics, techniques, and codes that simply don't exist anymore, so repairing and replacing anything that was damaged could take a considerable amount of time. Especially Disney was not intending on having to do any of this work meaning they might not have the parts necessary, and either making them or ordering them is going to take time.

It's worth mentioning a similar instance to what the reports are here that happened with World of Color in 2018. Alongside Pixar Pier opening, World of Color got a refurbishment and the intention was for both the land Pixar Pier and World of Color to open on the same day. But amid the construction, part of the mechanics behind World of Color were damaged requiring parts to be replaced. The damage caused World of Color's refurbishment to last many additional months and miss its intended reopening date, and the entire first summer of Pixar Pier.

There is no official update from Disney so it's difficult to say how long this is going to last. Hopefully, an update comes officially from Disney soon on whatever the information is regarding the attraction's status, good or bad. It's A Small World is one of the most iconic Disney attractions of all time and hopefully, it will return soon.