The Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Statues of Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Bambi and Thumper Statue Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary in Front of The Tree of Life Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom is the newest park in Walt Disney World, and it is in on the 50th anniversary celebration on the Magic Kingdom with a series of statues based on famous Disney characters scattered throughout the park.

As Disney's Animal Kingdom is a park that is themed to the animals of both real and fictional worlds, the statues of this park feature a variety of animals from Disney and Pixar films new and old, ranging from timeless classics like Bambi and Thumper to more modern hits, all of which are characters beloved by all. 

Simba Timon and Pumba 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World Statues Disney's Animal Kingdom

Most of the characters found in the 50th anniversary statues throughout Walt Disney World are various characters featured in the park's rides, attractions, and shows. The Lion King is given two major statues in the park in tribute to both the iconic film as well as the popular Festival of The Lion King stage show at the park.

Finding Nemo Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Statue Disney's Animal Kingdom

Even attractions that are not currently open have a tribute in these statues. Despite the current closure of Finding Nemo The Musical, Finding Nemo still has a place in the park with a statue of some of the iconic fish and a miniature part of their home coral reef.

These statues are a creative way of incorporating the youngest park in Walt Disney World into its anniversary celebration, bringing animal characters to the park in a way that tied together all four Disney Parks.

What is your favorite 50th anniversary statue at Disney's Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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