Launchpad McQuack at Donald's Dinobash Disney Parks Character Tribute

Disney Parks Character Tribute

Launchpad McQuack Meet and Greet Walt Disney World

Launchpad McQuack is an iconic but underappreciated Disney character. Most known from both Ducktales series, he also appeared in Darkwing Duck and has been a popular part of the Donald Duck characters family.

Launchpad McQuack Donald's Dinobash Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

After having nearly entirely disappeared from Walt Disney World, he had a sudden resurgence following the release of the Ducktales reboot.

Launchpad McQuack Walking in the Rain in Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

He began appearing as a part of Donald's Dinobash, a Donald Duck-themed party in Dinoland USA in Disney's Animal Kingdom, suddenly becoming a regular part of Walt Disney World once again in a way almost no other character ever has.

Launchpad McQuack Holding an Umbrella Dinoalnd USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

He had a meet and greet spot in the center of the land, that he would wander to and from throughout the day, giving people the chance to see him without necessarily needing to wait in line.

Launchpad is a fun character who hopefully will remain a part of Walt Disney World for years to come.