Asia Pavilion: Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

Japan Pavilion Epcot World Showcase Lit Up During Fireworks Walt Disney World

One of the biggest changes between Epcot Center and Westcot would have been the approach to World Showcase, focusing on continents rather than individual countries. Each of these would offer an amalgamation of the various cultures found in the region.

The Asian Pavilion was designed to reinterpret the entire region, utilizing little if anything from areas inspired by the continent in the original Epcot in Walt Disney World, being primarily based on three countries, Japan and China like in the original park, and also India.

California Screamin Launch Roller Coaster Disney California Adventure

The main attraction of the land would have been a major roller coaster themed based on a Chinese Dragon, specifically those traditionally utilized in parades. Similar to the later built California Screamin roller coaster this would need to block the sound of screams so it could not be heard by those who live nearby the park.

A carousel would also be included in the plans for this land providing children a family-friendly ride.

A show would also have been held in the Japan pavilion that may have been a clone of Meet The World, a show planned, partially built, but never opened in the original Epcot that was also an opening day attraction at Tokyo Disneyland.

On top of attractions, this pavilion would have significantly highlighted the food of the region, with several massive restaurants.

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While none of this was built, the details of these plans did teach Disney lessons that they would carry with them into the construction of Disney California Adventure.