What Rescuers Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Bernard and Miss Bianca Standing Under an Umbrella in the Rain The Rescuers Disney

The Rescuers was the first Disney film to ever receive a theatrically released sequel, and yet neither of the films has made their way into Disney Magic Kingdoms game yet.

I am going to speculate as to which characters should be added if Disney Magic Kingdoms were to do an update based on the film. This is not based on any current hints the game has put out.

As the films have largely fallen into obscurity in recent years, I can't imagine more than the typical four characters of a permanent content update coming to the game in a Rescuers-themed update. It is an older series that Disney has not put much effort into maintaining the popularity of in the last few years.

I could even see the update being as small as two characters, Bernard and Miss Bianca. They are the only major characters found in both films and by far the most prominent in each of the two movies in the series.

I could see the update including just these two, but I also think there is a possibility of a few other characters getting added as well.

The first I think is a possibility is either of the birds featured in the films. Wilbur and Orville would each be a good addition depending on which film the update was based on. They also might make a good attraction instead of a character.

The only other character I could really see the game adding is one of the kids that is rescued in the films, either Cody or Penny. It would be difficult for any storyline to exist with these characters without one of the kids so I would assume that one of them would be included in the update.

Each film also features a variety of iconic vehicles that could make for a good attraction, such as any of the boats in the first film, or the halftrack in the second film.

The Rescuers is an underappreciated classic that would make a wonderful addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms?


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