Steel Force Roller Coaster Dorney Park Guide

Dorney Park

Steel Force Roller Coaster Passing Over The Queue Line Dorney Park

Opening Date: May 30th, 1997

Steel Force is one of the most famous roller coasters located at Dorney Park, and one of its most popular attractions. With a max height of 200 feet, this roller coaster is a smooth airtime filled experience that is a must do ride at the park.


Designer/ Manufacturer: Morgan

Ride Type: Hyper Coaster

Inversions: 0

Important Rider Information

Height Requirement: 48 in


Thrill Rating 5/10

This ride is a moderately intense experience that is remarkably smooth for its age.


Steel Force Roller Coaster Station Building Dorney Park

Steel Force Hill Roller Coaster Dorney Park

Dorney Park Steel Force Airtime Hill Roller Coaster

Steel Force Alongside The Water Roller Coaster Dorney Park