What Mary Poppins Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Mary Poppins and Bert Characters Wandering In Disneyland

Disney Magic Kingdoms has mainly added animated movies to the game, but they have also occasionally added live-action movies as well, and one of the best fits for the game could be to add Mary Poppins characters as a future update.

Today we explore what characters should be added from this classic Disney live-action movie. For the purposes of this video, we are only focusing on the original Mary Poppins film, as the film's sequel Mary Poppins Returns could fill its own update.

There are so many characters from this film that could be worth adding, but there are a few that I think are by far the most likely.

Mary Poppins at Sunset Showcase Theater Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

The most likely is obviously Mary Poppins herself. She is the title character and one of the most iconic Disney characters of all time. The bigger question is what outfit would she appear in, as she has multiple iconic ones from just the first film.

Assuming they follow her appearances in the parks I would guess it would be the white dress from the animated sequences, but she could really appear in the game in any of her outfits.

Bert and Mary Poppins Characters Walking In Fantasyland Disneyland

Bert would be the next best choice from the game, and would almost certainly appear in one of two costumes, either his striped suit from the animated sequence in the film, or as a chimney sweep. I would bet his appearance will follow Mary, as the two are so interconnected.

Mr Penguin Character Hugging Kid In The Rain Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

If the two characters appear, like they do in the parks, in their animated outfits, then I would guess Mr. Penguin would be added alongside him. He is an iconic part of the film and would make an amazing addition to the game, and surely have some fun animations with Bert.

While I think these three are the best choices, I think there is also a chance some members of the Banks family could be added again. The kids are the easiest additions, but any of the family members could be good choices for the game.

Peter Pan's Flight Attraction Disney Magic Kingdoms Game

As for attractions, something on Cherry Tree Lane seems like an obvious pick. It's where most of the film takes place and would look great in the game. Alongside the Peter Pan's Flight attraction, you could have a mini London section in the game.

Beyond that, an attraction dedicated to Mary's magic is probably the best guess. Her magic drives most of the action beyond the Bank's home street, and would make for an incredibly fun attraction in the game.

Mary Poppins is a classic and one of the best Disney films of all time, and it would make for an amazing update to Disney Magic Kingdoms game.