10 Fun Facts About World of Color at Disney California Adventure

10 Disney Parks Fun Facts

World of Color Celebrate Disney California Adventure Disneyland

World of Color is the classic nighttime spectacular located at Disney California Adventure, showcasing many Disney films in a show involving water fountains, fire and lights.

Here are 10 fun facts about this classic show at the Disneyland Resort.

1. Lost Character

The show was originally planned to feature one of the fountains as a character. That fountain still is the last one to shut off at the end of the show and takes a "bow" following the post-show.

2. Lost Scenes

Rainbow World of Color From the Cove Bar Disney California Adventure Disneyland

An earlier version of the show, seen by a select few from their hotel rooms during technical rehearsals included additional scenes not included in the final version including an Alice In Wonderland sequence.

3. Coaster

World of Color Nighttime Spectacular Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This show does not only involve water fountains in the bay, but also lights and show elements on rides throughout Pixar Pier like the Incredicoaster.

4. Special Versions

A variety of special versions of this show have been created over the years, including seasonal versions and a special show for the 60th anniversary of Disneyland.

5. Fountains

This show features the usage of over 1,000 fountains during the show to create its signature effects.

6. Fire

Fire Pyrotechnics World of Color Disney California Adventure Disneyland

In addition to the signature water effects, the show also utilizes pyrotechnics at select moments in the show.

7. Blizzard

For a private event held by the company in Disney California Adventure, a special version of the show was created to celebrate the games of Blizzard Entertainment.

8. Abandonded Elements

World of Color Small Fountains Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Various planned elements of the show were never implemented in the actual show, even some that were partially or entirely constructed. Notably, a version of Chernabog was originally intended to emerge from the water.

9. Game

Rainbow World of Color Fountains Disney California Adventure Disneyland

During the preshow for World of Color, there is an online game that can be played on the Pixar Pal Around utilizing the colored lights used in the show.

10. Lights

Blue and Purple World of Color Fountains Disney California Adventure Disneyland

LED lights are utilized throughout this show, in the fountains and other elements of World of Color.