2021 Ranking The US Disney Parks Worst To Best

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Disneyland Train Station Entrance With Disneyland Railroad Train

All of the Disney Parks in the United States are some of the best in the world, entertaining thousands of guests each day on both coasts. But where do the parks of Disneyland and Walt Disney World rank in relation to one another?

Today we are ranking all of the Disney Parks in the US from worst to best, not including water parks.

We will not be including temporary changes made due to the pandemic in our ranking of the parks (like suspended shows), but we will be including permanent changes to the Disney Parks made as a result of the pandemic and during it that will outlast things like mask mandates (like the closure of Primeval Whirl).

6. Epcot

Imagination Pavilion Water Fountain Epcot Walt Disney World

It hurts me to place Epcot this low, but there is really no denying it. From being covered in construction that has removed most of the great, if outdated, offerings that used to be located in the center of the park, to the ongoing work on Harmonious that is ruining sightlines across the World Showcase, this park is getting worse, not better.

The park needed work, but it is almost not worth visiting during the refurbishment. Especially alongside delays of most of the attractions, some of which like Remy's Ratatouille Adventure should have been open by now, this park is a constant mess that shows no sign of getting significantly better in the near future.

But there are still amazing rides at this park, including Soarin, Frozen Ever After, and Test Track, as well as some of the best theming in Walt Disney World throughout the World Showcase. It is really just that the park is a shell of its former and future self.

5. Disney's Hollywood Studios

Fantasmic Jafar Banner Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Disney's Hollywood Studios has gone through a lot of work over the last decade, with almost nothing from the original park remaining unchanged. Most of these changes were positive, with amazing new additions like Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and Toy Story Land, but also with huge losses along the way like the Great Movie Ride.

The park has improved a lot from its lowest point, but still has many of the same problems it has always had. It is the smallest park in Walt Disney World, yet it has some of the most popular rides and attractions, with some of the longest lines. It also has an incredibly awkward layout that causes multiple bottlenecks and crowding issues.

Rock N Roller Coaster Exit Station Disney's Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World

Disney's Hollywood Studios really just needs a few new smaller rides to take the pressure off the headliner attractions and make the park a bit more well-rounded. It has come a long way, but it isn't at the top tier of Disney Parks yet.

4. Disney California Adventure

Buena Vista Street Fountain at Night Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This park is constantly changing more than maybe any other park on this list, and it is constantly moving both up and down in the ranking. From opening as possibly the worst Disney Park at the time, it has now become an amazing park with some world-class exclusive attractions.

Redefining itself as Walt Disney's California rather than simply a history of California, it has brought new Disney stories to life for the first time from Cars Land to Pixar Pier, and while not all of the changes have been positive, they have in general moved the park in the right direction.

Hawkeye Character Meeting In Hollywoodland Disney Character Disney California Adventure Disneyland

With the opening of Avengers Campus, and the potential of Disneyland Forward, this park continues to exist as one of the most modern and cutting-edge Disney Parks in the world. Disney California Adventure remains a great edgy complement to the classic Disneyland next door.

3. Magic Kingdom

Happily Ever After Fireworks Finale Projections Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom may be the most visited theme park in the world, but it is not the best Disney Park even in the US. It is however one of the best.

This park holds some of the best rides in the world, from Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, to Space Mountain, as well as versions of Disney classics like Peter Pan's Flight and It's a Small World and the Country Bear Jamboree. This is the headliner park of Walt Disney World for a reason, providing an amazing Disney experience.

Gaston Fountain Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The only thing that holds it back from the top two is sub-par versions of some of its most iconic rides, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Pirates of the Caribbean. The park is an amazing Disney experience, but not the best one.

2. Disney's Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life In The Rain Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Disney's Animal Kingdom is far too often characterized as merely a Disney zoo with rides but it is so much more than this. The park features some of the best theming in any Disney Park in the world, and is probably the most consistent non-castle Disney Park in the world.

This ride features several of the best Disney rides in the world, from the incredibly elaborate Kilimanjaro Safari's to the immersive and emotional Flight of Passage, to Expedition Everest, one of the best Disney roller coasters in the world. The park is also filled with underrated gems like Dinosaur and It's Tough To Be A Bug.

Flight of Passage Queue Line Before Preshow Pandora World of Avatar Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom also gets points for telling a consistent message of conservation and living alongside our natural environment throughout the park. This message is expressed through rides, shows, and hidden details throughout the park.

Live Gorilla in Disney's Animal Kingdom

All of this, combined with the animal exhibits throughout the entire park make it one of the best Disney Parks in the world.

1. Disneyland

Horse Drawn Trolley In The Hub Of Disneyland

The original Disney Park is still the best Disney Park in the United States to this day. Its classic charm combined with consistent updates over the years makes it the perfect combination of a classic and modern Disney experience.

Plastic Python Jungle Cruise Ride Disneyland

It features more history than any other Disney Park in the world, and you can feel that history in numerous locations throughout the park. Its attractions overlap and come together in a way that doesn't happen in the same way anywhere else in the world.

Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit Characters in Front of The Mad Hatter Shop Fantasyland Disneyland

Despite its spatial constraints, it has more rides than any other Disney Park in the world, and has found a way to add even more in the near future without needing to replace a single attraction. This constant expansion has allowed the park to hold onto its history while constantly bringing in new experiences for each generation. 

Fireworks On Mark Twain Riverboat Fantasmic Disneyland

This is all joined by some of the best rides and entertainment in any Disney Park in the world. It features the best version of many attractions and entertainment in the world, from its superior versions of Pirates of the Caribbean to Fantasmic, alongside amazing exclusive attractions like Indiana Jones Adventure and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Disneyland reigns supreme in the United States and has not been bested.