Review: Loki Episode 5 Journey Into Mystery

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President Loki and His Group of Loki Variants Arrive Marvel Disney Plus Series

Loki has just released its penultimate episode, which revealed a lot about the reestablished alliances at the TVA, and has begun to unravel some of the mysteries around the TVA.

Be aware that this review for Loki contains major spoilers, so if you do not want the episode ruined for you, do not continue reading until after you have watched the episode.

Spoiler Warning

The End of Time Loki Journey Into Mystery Marvel Disney Plus Original Series

The episode begins where the last post-credits scene ended, with Loki being discovered by several other variants of himself and Sylvie still at the TVA. What we learn in the episode about this moment is that he is transported, as are all elements of branched realities when pruned, to the end of time. Here they are all destroyed by monsters of purple smoke. 

Loki Variants Walking Across The End of Time Disney Plus Original Series

The Lokis though have formed multiple groups to help each other survive, and one of them finds and saves the primary Loki of the series.

Ravonna Renslayer Loki Journey Into Mystery Marvel Disney Plus Original Series

We learn most of this information from Sylvie and Ravonna, who are still at the TVA.

The two of them appear at first to form an unlikely bond due to Ravonna's genuine shock at the Timekeepers not being real. This was something she did not know and she desperately wants to know what she has been lied to about.

Miss Minutes Searching for Files Loki Journey Into Mystery Marvel Disney Plus Original Series

She attempts to reach files from an uneasy Miss Minutes on various related events, the beginning and end of time, as well as an experimental ship that could transport the pair to the end of time safely, and allow them to potentially save Loki.

Sylvie Pruning Herself in the TVA Courtroom Loki Journey Into Mystery

Before any files are reached however, TVA guards storm the courtroom where they were hiding causing Sylvie to prune herself rather than be captured again, leaving a distraught Ravonna to rejoin the TVA like nothing happened.

Loki Journey Into Mystery Bowling Ally Throne Room Marvel Disney Plus

While this is happening the Loki variants bring the main Loki to their hideout in an abandoned bowling alley, and they discuss their nexus events.

Boastful Loki Drinking in Abandoned Bowling Alley Disney Plus Marvel

One killed several Avengers, one killed Thor, one at a neighbors cat, and the other survived the attack by Thanos we saw in Infinity War and lived out his days on an isolated planet. The TVA only found that Loki when he tried to escape and find his brother.

President Loki With His Hand Bitten Off Marvel Disney Plus

Eventually, a collection of Loki variants led by President Loki arrives to try to claim the shelter, and a battle ensues. In this, the original group minus one member escapes outside.

Sylvie Arriving at the End of Time Loki Journey Into Mystery Marvel Disney Plus

Sylvie meanwhile, who arrived in this same world when she pruned herself, awakes in a school bus and quickly has to escape one of the monsters, momentarily enchanting it in the process.

Mobius Driving Sylvie Away From Monster Loki Journey Into Mystery

She is saved by Mobius who picks her up in a pizza delivery car and they begin to develop a plan on what to do next and how to get past their current situation.

Loki Journey Into Mystery Hunter B-15 In TVA Prison

Ravonna meanwhile at the TVA is still struggling with the events she has witnessed, going to talk with the imprisoned Hunter B-15. She discusses the fate of the Timekeepers as well as Sylvie's motivations before Ravonna leaves.

Miss Minutes Walking With Ravonna Renslayer in the TVA Loki Disney Plus Marvel

Ravonna then asks once again for files from Miss Minutes, still wanting to learn as much of what is actually true as possible.

Alioth Smoke Monster Attacking a US Navy Ship Loki Journey Into Mystery

Both Loki and Sylvie hatch different plans that involve needing to be close to one of the monsters that inhabit the realm, with Loki arriving at one first and watching it devour a US Navy ship, causing him to reevaluate his plans.

Eventually, the two groups combine and begin to plan for the future.

Loki and Sylvie Sharing a Blanket at the End of Time Journey Into Mystery Disney Plus Marvel

Loki and Sylvie at this point discuss their past nexus event and how both struggle with connection. It is unclear what exactly their connection is, and both of them still are trying to deal with trusting someone due to how many times they have betrayed loved ones in the past.

After the group plans to separate and each go off on separate missions.

Loki and Mobius Hugging at the End Of Time Marvel Disney Plus

Mobius plans to go back to the TVA to inform the agents of all he knows. Before he does he offers Loki a handshake before Loki hugs him in response.

Loki and Sylvie plan to go enchant one of the monsters while it is distracted.

Alligator Loki Marvel Disney Plus

The other Lokis plans to leave and remain in this realm.

Each then embarks on their missions.

Loki and Sylvie Battling Alioth Smoke Monster Disney Plus Journey Into Mystery

Loki and Sylvie are almost immediately attacked by the monster who Loki decides to distract with a fire sword given to him by Kid Loki.

Sylvie About To Be Devoured By Alioth Smoke Monster Loki Journey Into Mystery On Disney Plus

This doesn't work for long though and it goes back to attack Sylvie.

Classic Loki Creating a Fake Asgard Loki Journey Into Mystery Marvel Disney Plus

Noticing this, the older Loki decides to help them by creating a fake Asgard for the monster to attack.

Alioth Smoke Monster Loki Episode 5 Journey Into Mystery

As the monster is attacking the city, Loki and Sylvie work together to enchant the monster, which they only achieve after the third Loki and Asgard are destroyed.

Loki and Sylvie Open Up a Portal To A Castle Loki Journey Into Mystery Disney Plus

In place of the monster is a green opening which the two head towards. In it appears to be a new realm with a castle.

Loki and Sylvie Holding Hands Walking Towards a Castle Journey Into Mystery Marvel Disney Plus

What this castle is exactly still remains uncertain. While it appears to look more like the home of Dr. Doom, theories have pointed more towards this series introducing Kang The Conqueror. The series has plenty of loose ends to tie up and a multiverse to unleash before it ends next week.

President Loki and His Group of Variants Loki Journey Into Mystery Disney Plus

This episode managed to tie together the best elements of the series, its humor, action, and emotional reestablishment of Loki(s) remarkably well while addressing increasingly complicated storylines. What will come of it remains uncertain, but there is not long to wait now.

While chaotic, this episode manages to juggle multiple moving storylines and seemingly countless versions of the same character into a single episode.

The humor of the series is the highlight, lightening the complicated storylines and allowing a story that could be difficult to understand and depressing into something easily digestible and in line with the tone of the series.

The music continues to be a highlight of Loki, with the score highlighting all of the big moments. The final battle and reveal scene feature some of the strongest score moments yet.