The Trash Cans of Disneyland Tribute

Disney Adventurer

Tomorrowland Trash Cans In Space Mountain Queue Line Disneyland

Every element of the Disney Parks are themed to fit their surroundings. Even parts you don't really think about, like the trash cans.

Today we pay tribute to some of the various trash cans of Disneyland.

Keep It Clean Mickey's Toontown Trash Can Disneyland

Each area of Disneyland has an exclusive design for their trash cans that helps them fit the theming of the area.

Recycle Please Mickey's Toontown Trash Can Disneyland

Many lands in recent years have also begun to also feature exclusive designs that are different for the various recycling cans in different lands.

Fantasyland Disneyland Trash Can

It can be fun to wander through the park and check out various trash cans as they all blend perfectly in their surroundings.

Haunted Mansion Trash Can Disneyland

Sometimes even different attractions can have their own trash cans fitting the theming.

Main Street USA Trash Can Disneyland

These trash cans are a fun part of any Disney trip, and in recent years have grown popular enough to get their own merchandise line.

Adventureland Trash Cans in Disneyland

Be sure to pay closer attention to the trash cans of Disneyland on your next visit to the park.

Fantasyland Trash Can In Front of Snow White's Scary Adventure Disneyland