A Look at the Marquee for Pass Over Play On Broadway


Pass Over Play Broadway Marquee August Wilson New York City

In honor of the first entirely new Broadway production in well over a year, we are taking a look at the marquee and decorated August Wilson Theatre as it prepares to welcome its new tenet, the new run of Pass Over.

August Wilson Theatre Pass Over Broadway Marquee

This production is a limited run play, and it is the second overall show to open on Broadway following the COVID19 pandmemic closure of all productions following Springsteen On Broadway, a revival of a concert residency by Bruce Springsteen. It is the first new show to open this year.

New York Times Board Broadway Production of Pass Over

The beginning of previews for Pass Over precedes the formal full reopening opening of Broadway in September by a month, bringing back theater at a large scale for the first time with what will hopefully be an amazing and timely production.

Pass Over Stage Door Broadway

Its presence also is a reminder of what was lost on Broadway during the pandemic, as the August Wilson Theatre was home to one of the shows that permanently closed as a result of the pandemic, the musical production of Mean Girls. This new show fills the void left by that show and helps start the healing of New York City's theater district.