Lilo and Stitch The Series in Walt Disney World

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Stitch Cousins Mural Merchant of Venus Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Disney World

When Stitch's Great Escape opened it added a permanent home for the characters from the Lilo and Stitch franchise in the Disney Parks. As Stitch had become one of the most popular Disney characters in recent memory, this allowed the characters to fill an entire section of Tomorrowland.

Alongside the attraction, one shop in Tomorrowland got a retheme to include characters from the Lilo and Stitch TV series that aired at the time on the Disney Channel, taking place between two of the films in the series.

This shop was the exit gift shop for Stitch's Great Escape and it featured many tributes to the franchise, most notable some artwork behind the counter.

Merchant of Venus Stitch Mural Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Disney World

This artwork features a variety of the cousins from the series having taken control of Tomorrowland. It is an interesting look at what the land would look like if they were full of aliens. They take over every bit of the center of the land, including the Peoplemover tracks.

This is a fun detail that brought some more obscure Stitch characters into the parks, and it even outlasted the attraction based on the franchise, allowing lovers of the film to find Stitch in the Magic Kingdom for a long time,